About Kate Sellars

Kate is living proof that Pilates works!

“I started Pilates 19 years ago after I found out I had some damaged joints in my spine from a previous career in horseracing. My chiropractor recommended Pilates to strengthen the muscles around the damage and now I do not need to take anymore painkillers!

“Pilates has strengthened my core muscles and my back is much stronger and I’m now aware of which exercises I can do to alleviate any tension or pain. I also have arthritis in my shoulders and find these exercises help to maintain the full range of movement. Teaching Pilates has enabled me to help other people to strengthen their bodies and relieve tension and pain. Everyone can benefit from Pilates.”

Kate is also a Personal Trainer and enjoys running, karate (3rd Dan), paddleboarding and dog walking and maintains an energetic lifestyle. Pilates compliments all other sports and physical activities.